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What Causes High Blood Pressure? You Should Know About This

Posted on March 17, 2016 in Health

unduhan (64)Have you ever felt this sudden adrenaline rush inside that’s not really in a good way? A feeling that gets you uncomfortable and it seems like your heart is racing or beating way too fast? Well, do you know what that feeling is? Well, don’t worry we’ll tell you everything to know about it. That feeling is known as Hypertension or most commonly known as High Blood pressure and if you think this is a positive adrenaline rush then you’re sadly very wrong as it isn’t good for your heart and may even point to many heart problems that either you already have or you’re going to have in the future. So, whenever you realize that you’re facing hypertension, you should know you have to lower it for living a healthy lifestyle. Before you know how to lower high blood pressure we must understand the main causes of this problem. So, in this article we’re going to tell you about the common causes of high blood pressure.

Smoking habits

It might seem like it has no connection to you but if you consult a general physician regarding this problem, the first thing he’ll ask is whether you smoke or not. As excess nicotine enters your body it causes the pressure of blood to rise at an unusual rate. So, if you want to know how to lower blood pressure, the first thing that you need to do is to let go of that cigarette.


There are three kinds of people. The first type are the slim ones that usually don’t have any problems regarding blood pressure, the second ones are the fit ones that lead a healthy lifestyle and almost never have any problems about high BP and finally the third ones are the obese people that claim to be healthy but actually are facing many different sorts of health problems. Amongst those problems high BP is on the very top as excess fat on the body affects your heart a lot. So, if you want to dodge this problem lead a healthy lifestyle, leave junk food and join the gym.

Excess amount of salt in diet

I bet you’ve heard ‘A little salt never harmed anyone’ a lot of times but do you know when the amount of salt is not little anymore? Well, that’s when you start harming yourself as excess amount of sodium chloride in the blood causes your heart to pump more blood than it should making your BP rise. It is said that excess amount of salt in food is the easiest way to kill a BP patient. So you better keep that salt away from your dish if you have this problem.

Too much stress

Do you remember what got your heart racing when you were a kid? That’s right your exam result and that happened because you were nervous but do you know this can actually become a very serious problem if not treated well? That’s right! Nervousness and stress is something that relates directly to the rise and fall of blood rush in your circulatory system. This is something that you need to take care of. It isn’t a very hard deal as you can start by taking things very lightly and relaxing on bad situations.

So those are the biggest causes for rise in BP. There are many other causes for this disease but these 4 causes seem to top the list. Take care of your health and make your soaring blood pressure to normal easily by knowing about these facts.


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