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Improving Blood Pressure Numbers

Posted on May 23, 2016 in Health

unduhan (68)Like many I was shocked to find out that I had stage 2 high blood pressure. I was in my middle forties… that’s a condition for a much older person. I was wrong. In fact, I’ve since learned that even children can suffer this malady.

This begged the question. Now what do I do? I was given a list, but I don’t feel that the list is complete. There’s more to this problem than diet and exercise. Sometimes other steps are needed.

Rest: If you burn the midnight oil and depend on caffeine or energy drinks to keep you going this could resolve your problem, at least in part. Sleep is necessary and we each have different needs in that department. Figure out how much you actually need and then sleep.

Food: A lot of favorite foods are on the “avoid” list. The problem comes in when we suffer through a boring diet. That is the fastest way I know of to slip up in healthy eating. Talk to a nutritionist and find healthy foods you actually like. You may also want to invest in a cookbook, and I don’t mean a diet cookbook. There are substitutes for most of the higher fats sometimes employed and you can control the salt content if you cook it yourself.

Exercise: Moderate exercise three to five days a week is recommended. There are some things that should be added to that part of the list. As with food, find something you like to do. Try many different things until you find one that fits you.

Another thing to be aware of is that exercise doesn’t have to be in complete chunks of time. Under normal circumstances I get ten minutes of exercise three times a day five days a week. It’s called walking the dogs. Because the time is broken up it doesn’t feel as much like exercise.

Meditation: There was a time when I couldn’t associate the word with the right definition. Meditation is often thought of as something belonging to other religions. It doesn’t matter, at least when it comes to reducing blood pressure. I have used it regularly that and stress.

Doctor: This is the most important part of lowering your numbers. The doctor can tell you which exercises are safe and can give you a referral to a nutritionist. If medications are needed they can be prescribed. In fact it may take two or three tries to get the right medications as there are several that work in different ways.


Fear and Blood Pressure

Posted on May 23, 2016 in Health

unduhan (67)Fear can be a good thing. It starts the “fight or flight” response that helps get us out of danger whether it be attack or retreat. When it is a constant feeling it isn’t good. It can be deadly.

Defining Chronic Fear: Many people call this anxiety disorder or similar terms. It is the constant fear that something is going to happen. It could be something real, like an earthquake. It could be something imagined like a child who fears the monster under the bed. It could be the thought of simply setting foot outside the house.

What’s the Connection? Fight or flight hormones that never stop cause blood pressure to rise (and stay there), blurred vision and a near inability to accomplish anything related to what is feared. I’ll give you an example, using me.

I am afraid of water and I am afraid of heights. I live near the Pacific ocean and there are a lot of piers. Most of them have things to do on them, such as a restaurant or a ferris wheel. It takes every ounce of willpower I have simply to walk out onto any of them. I can feel my blood pressure go up. It’s a perfectly safe pier.

What Can I Do? For something like the example above you have to decide if what you want to do is more important than your fear. I wanted to say I’d walked out on the longest pier in Southern California, and I did it. I’m actually very proud of that. This is something you may be able to do.

There are other fears that may not respond to “go out and do it.” Again, I’ll use myself as an example. As mentioned I am afraid of heights. Can you imagine what even the thought of plane flight does to my insides? I can’t fly without medical intervention.

Admitting something scares you and getting help can do more than make you happy about your accomplishments. Getting rid of the hormones that cause high blood pressure could save your life.


That Makes My Blood Boil

Posted on May 17, 2016 in Health

images (39)We all have things that thoroughly tick us off. Sometimes it’s a pet peeve. Sometimes it’s an injustice. Every time we get angry we are putting ourselves at risk for the problems high blood pressure can cause.

Short Term Risks: According to WebMD, even a short term bout of fury increases the likelihood of a heart attack or a stroke. If you add other things that cause stress (like the reason for anger in the first place) the chances increase. Is letting out your anger by smashing things and yelling at people worth your life?

Long Term Risks: Short bouts of anger can be defused fairly easily if they are rare. Once the situation has calmed down the person does and so does blood pressure.

On the other hand, if you are angry all of the time your blood pressure is going to be high all of the time. There are a lot of valid things out there that cause rage but they can’t be fixed if those who feel it the strongest are dead.

Fixing the Problem: I mean this in two ways. The first is to proactively work to fix the problem. If you are angry about kill shelters then volunteer your time for rescue, TNR or no kill shelters. If your city has many homeless and their condition bothers you, start or work with organizations that reach out to that population. You may be surprised at how many opportunities you have to turn your anger into something useful and beautiful.

The other part is fixing your internal issues. Nonmedical intervention may include meditation and deep breathing techniques. You may need medical help, especially if your blood pressure is really high. Explain the problem… all of it… to your doctor. A combination of therapies could reduce your numbers and help you turn what you feel into something meaningful.




A Silent Killer, But Also a Blessing in Disguise

Posted on May 2, 2016 in Health

unduhan (66)I had heard of high blood pressure all my life, as it ran in my family. My doctor had warned me many years ago that I had it but it was not high enough all the time at that point to get him to put me on a drug for it. I tried to change my diet, as per his instructions, but figured this was heredity and I couldn’t do anything about it.

Looking back on it, going to my doctor for that was my first mistake, as my doctor has no nutritional training and did not know how to get rid of it, he just knew how to manage it. Needless to say dietary changes did not work out too well.

Over the years, it became more of a burden than anything else and I just stopped watching my blood pressure closely. I used acupressure tapping to keep it at bay to some degree and I also worked on my fibromyalgia and put that in remission with my acupressure tapping (EFT). However, I soon started experiencing dizziness and was diagnosed with vertigo. Nothing was ever said about that being tied together with the blood pressure, because doctors don’t treat the whole person, they just manage the symptoms you are having at that moment and no one thought to check the coincidence of both being present.

Flash forward a few years, and I started having vertigo symptoms daily and feeling confused because of the dizziness. I did not know it was high blood pressure and was just treating the vertigo. Then one day, I woke up in the early morning hours and tried to get to the bathroom. My vertigo was out of control and I was shaky and very dizzy. When my sister called later that morning, I realized I could not really even talk to her and form the words to speak; I then went to the ER and found out that I was having a stroke. My BP was through the roof and now so were my blood sugars.

Through the hospitalization they put me on drugs to lower the BP and get my sugars under control, but the side-effects of the drugs still made me feel dizzy. I lost the use of my left side and had to relearn how to talk and walk, as well as use my left hand again. However, through the course of the next few months I found a naturopath, Dr. Glidden, whose YouTube videos showed me that nutritionally speaking, my high blood pressure was a sign of a calcium and magnesium deficiency. I also learned that vertigo is osteoporosis of the skull and they were both related and is also a calcium deficiency. I also learned that through chromium and vanadium supplementation I could bring my sugars back into control as well (Another article will explain this one).

So, I got the Youngevity products he suggested and I am now free of both the high BP and the high blood sugars. I’m off all the meds from the hospital. So, now my mission is to help others do the same thing I did. I have tried other products that stated they helped with high blood pressure and had even been on some minerals and calcium products to try to get the same results and all have failed. They were just not in a form that the body could uptake. Minerals have to be very small in order for the body to be able to grab it and get it into your blood stream. These Youngevity minerals are colloidal, which means very small, and are in a formulation that allows the little fingers in the gut (villae) to grab a hold of it and absorb it into your bloodstream. That is why they work so well.

So, I finally found the nutrition I needed to allow my body to heal itself. Now, I needed to heal the emotional component. Once the body is nitrified, any other alternative healing modality you use then impacts the body so much stronger. I consulted Karol K Truman’s book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, and found out that the emotional component to high blood pressure is: Feels a strong need to be in control of everything, allowing people or situations to bother you, letting your emotions and reactions rule you, and not minding your own business/interfering with others. I muscle tested the emotions and found that that I was reacting to all of them!

Muscle testing is a way of asking the body a yes or no question and getting a yes or no answer. Most people can do this by standing barefoot on the floor and setting the parameters for your body by leaning forward as far as possible with straight knees and saying ‘this is yes, affirmative’. Then lean backwards as far as possible and saying ‘this is no, negative.’ Then allow your body to just stand straight up in a neutral position and ask the question. Your body will either pull forward or lean back. It can be very subtle on some people so really pay attention.

Ask about each emotion listed and then note each response. When you get a yes on something, then note that and do the following: tap on your third eye point, the spot right in the middle of the forehead where a cyclops eye would be, with two fingers and then state the following while concentrating on the tapping, “Even though I feel… (say the statement you triggered on), I choose to release this and allow my body and my blood pressure to be calm and peaceful. ” You can state other peaceful things you want to happen to your body as well.

Once you are done with the tapping, take a minute to listen to your body and see if any memories come to mind. Then tap in that same area and state the memory and approximate age when you remember it happened and then ask your body to release it.

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Dash Diet

Posted on April 23, 2016 in Health

images (38)If you’re suffering hypertension, you have probably been instructed to change your diet. In fact, research has consistently demonstrated that high blood pressure can be affected and successfully managed through the integration of a proper diet only. The DASH diet was specifically designed to lower the blood pressure in a natural way – it’s an eating plan that incorporates a wide variety of whole foods, lots of vegetables and fruits, and lean meats and poultry. Another key aspect of the eating plan is that it’s generally very low in sodium – an element that’s been consistently associated with heightened risk of hypertension.

The DASH Diet, or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, was developed a few years ago and voted one of the best diets to lower blood pressure by a vast number of health experts. In fact, just a few years ago, the dietary plan was even selected as the best overall diet by a scientific panel chosen by the US News and World Report. The DASH study involved almost 460 adults, assigned to two eating plans. The adults in the DASH group received a lower sodium intake – around 1,500 milligrams per day – and showed significantly reduced blood pressure at the end of the trial.

The DASH diet works by providing you with a varied and healthy eating plan, consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables, combined with low-fat dairy products, lean meats, nuts and beans, and whole grains. It includes a reduced amount of red meats, sodium-rich foods, sweets and sweet-containing beverages, all of which have been correlated with increased blood pressure. The dietary plan also limits the consumption of egg yolks, since they’re rich in cholesterol. It’s very efficient when it comes to managing hypertension, as the diet plan is generally low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Also, the protein that comes from the fish and lean meats and the minerals and fibers control the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The elevated cholesterol levels people experience are usually associated with increased consumption of sweets or processed foods, rich in salt – the DASH diet strives to lower that amount as much as possible in order to keep your blood pressure on track. In addition, the fats included in the plan are predominantly unsaturated, instead of the saturated and trans fat, which have been associated with heightened risks of cardiovascular disease.

The eating plan can easily be tailored to your specific calorie needs, depending on your age and physical activity. Generally, the DASH plan is suited for a caloric intake of around 2,000 calories per day, but can be modified to lower calories, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

The DASH eating plan is easy to follow and, as it’s generally low in saturated fats and salt, it can reduce your risk of hypertension, as well as successfully manage the symptoms, if you’re already suffering from it. Research consistently demonstrates that following the DASH diet results in lowered cholesterol levels and improved overall health and general well-being.




How Changing Your Mindset Can Help You to Reduce Your Blood Pressure in a Sustainable Way After 40

Posted on April 2, 2016 in Health

unduhan (65)As you get older a combination of hormonal changes like the reduction in growth hormone level and the build up in stress that comes from work and family life will lead to weight gain due to an accumulation of body fat. This is usually a gradual process that starts in your thirties and becomes more obvious in your early forties. Unless you recognize these changes early, change your mindset and take sustainable healthy action, you will continue to gain weight and struggle to reduce your blood pressure, Here are 3 tips on how changing your mindset can help you reduce your reduce your blood pressure in a sustainable way after 40.

The first change in mindset you need is to focus on long-term lifestyle changes instead looking for short-term quick fixes. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. You need to stop chasing after the latest diet, the latest “pill” that will magically burn off fat, reduce your weight and help you reduce your blood pressure. Research has shown that 60-90% of people who start a new exercise regimen give it up within 6 months. Unless you have a change in your mindset, you will end up being part of this group.

The second mindset change you need is to look inwards. Instead of looking outwards, look inwards and try to gain a deeper understanding of yourself so that you will know which set of physical activities and exercises will best fit your personality, sense of self and your energy level. It could be running with friends, walking, swimming, tennis or playing golf. Once you discover which form of exercise works best for you schedule, budget and personality, stick to it. You need to do an exercise regimen for sometime before you get the full health benefits associated with it. A mindset that makes you change from one exercise to another repeatedly will lead to failure. You will end up not getting the results you desire in terms of reduced blood pressure.

The third mindset change you need to help you have a sustainable healthy lifestyle is perseverance. Stick to your chosen plan. Do not get easily discouraged by initial poor results like slow weight loss or inconsistencies in bed time. Sleeping on time and having deep sleep will help you to reduce your blood pressure because it will help you to become well-rested and have fewer hormonal fluctuations.

You also have to remember that your negative health changes occurred gradually due to bad habits like insufficient sleep, eating junk food, inconsistent exercise, and poor stress management over a period of time. In order to over come these changes in a sustainable manner you need to persevere. You need to give up the mindset that seeks for overnight solutions.



5 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Posted on April 2, 2016 in Health

unduhan (63)When it comes to lowering your blood pressure, medication can be of great assistance. However, what you eat and drink is more important than medication itself. Studies have shown that food and drink is just as powerful as medication. This article will have a look at 5 foods that lower blood pressure.


Banana’s contain approximately 450 milligrams of potassium. If potassium is consumed more, more water and sodium will go through your urine. Potassium removes the dangerous effects that sodium causes. In order to lower your pressure, the amount of sodium consumed each day should be less than 1500 milligrams. The amount of potassium should be increased to around 4700 milligrams.


Another food is yoghurt. An adult should have about 1000, to 1500 milligrams of calcium daily. Yoghurt that has a plain flavour and has no fat in it, will help your pressure to remain low. It is recommended that a couple of cups or more should be consumed each day. You could also consume this yoghurt with vegetables, dips or on the top of oatmeal.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate contains Polyphenols is also one of five foods that lower pressure. This is an important class that contains bioactive phytochemicals. Studies have shown that this can prevent vascular disease or heart disease. In order to keep your blood pressure low, it is best to go with the real dark chocolate. Coco powder that is natural and unsweetened can be used. So can Coco Powder that has less calories, sugar and fat in it.


Garlic can also be included in one of the foods that lower blood pressure. It has been proven that Garlic reduces the chance of prostate and lung cancers. It can also remove cancer cells. Garlic can also prevent you from getting colds. In terms of lowering your blood pressure, it will often assist those who have hypertension.


Asparagus contains anti-inflammatory. This is what helps an individual recover from health difficulties including: heart disease and cancers. It also contains glutathione. Glutathione can free your body from radicals and other poisons. Also included in asparagus are: vitamins, B, C and K. iron, calcium and zinc and much more. As a result, this is another of the foods that lower pressure.

These are just five foods that lower your pressure. There are of course, many other foods that can help with this. Why not do some research and find out for yourself. You never know what you might find.



How to Say Goodbye to Blood Pressure Problems

Posted on March 27, 2016 in Health

unduhan (62)There are about a million-and-one health concerns we have, especially as we get older. The doctor is probably talking to you about blood pressure, weight, nutrition, respiratory health, muscular/skeletal health and more all at the same time. This can all be a little overwhelming, yet luckily, being all around healthy may be easier than you think.

One of the biggest issues people begin to run into, especially as they get older, is blood pressure. Too high or two low, whatever it is, having blood pressure that’s out of whack can throw your whole system off. Luckily there are a ton of different methods out there that can help you get your blood pressure back on track, a lot of which will improve your overall health in many different areas!

#1 Blood Pressure Check-Ups

You’re probably already receiving regular check ups at your doctor, but it’s good for you to be able to check in-between visits yourself. There are several different types of equipment you can use to do this, so you should choose the one that works best for you.

1. The Aneroid Monitor

This is the cheaper option, but it is a little more of a hassle. It uses a pointer in order to let you read your own blood pressure.

2. The Digital Monitor

The digital monitor is quick and easy and allows you to check your blood pressure point-blank with a digital reading.

#2 Lifestyle Changes

This can seem like a daunting task, but when you’re being plagued with bad blood pressure, the first place you should look is in your lifestyle habits. What does your diet look like? Sodium is a huge culprit for giving people unhealthy blood pressure levels, so cut that out where you can.

Also, try eating more vegetables and fruits. It becomes easier and easier, and more fun and enjoyable, to eat natural foods like this the more you do it. You’ll begin to acquire a taste for it, and you won’t even be interested in the junk food you once ate.

If you smoke or drink excessively, try to cut back. It’s certainly not easy at all to cut back on these things when you’ve created a dependency to them, but with a little help from your doctor, you can make the process easier.

Exercise is another area that you should pay careful attention to. Exercise in general will help even the healthiest looking body work better, but if you’re overweight, then you’re at a higher risk of dangerous levels of BP.

Whether you’re overweight, underweight or just right, exercise will always help your BP and overall health.

The best part about this is that eating healthy will help you in virtually all aspects of health, not just BP. If you find it hard to get motivated, try getting an exercise buddy so that the two of you can encourage each other, and have a little fun while you’re doing it.

#3 Fall Back On Your Doctor

If you’ve tried these lifestyle changes and you’re still dealing with dangerous BP levels, talk to your doctor about your next options. Doctors can provide you with professional guidance, medications, and personalized care plans that will work best for you.



What Causes High Blood Pressure? You Should Know About This

Posted on March 17, 2016 in Health

unduhan (64)Have you ever felt this sudden adrenaline rush inside that’s not really in a good way? A feeling that gets you uncomfortable and it seems like your heart is racing or beating way too fast? Well, do you know what that feeling is? Well, don’t worry we’ll tell you everything to know about it. That feeling is known as Hypertension or most commonly known as High Blood pressure and if you think this is a positive adrenaline rush then you’re sadly very wrong as it isn’t good for your heart and may even point to many heart problems that either you already have or you’re going to have in the future. So, whenever you realize that you’re facing hypertension, you should know you have to lower it for living a healthy lifestyle. Before you know how to lower high blood pressure we must understand the main causes of this problem. So, in this article we’re going to tell you about the common causes of high blood pressure.

Smoking habits

It might seem like it has no connection to you but if you consult a general physician regarding this problem, the first thing he’ll ask is whether you smoke or not. As excess nicotine enters your body it causes the pressure of blood to rise at an unusual rate. So, if you want to know how to lower blood pressure, the first thing that you need to do is to let go of that cigarette.


There are three kinds of people. The first type are the slim ones that usually don’t have any problems regarding blood pressure, the second ones are the fit ones that lead a healthy lifestyle and almost never have any problems about high BP and finally the third ones are the obese people that claim to be healthy but actually are facing many different sorts of health problems. Amongst those problems high BP is on the very top as excess fat on the body affects your heart a lot. So, if you want to dodge this problem lead a healthy lifestyle, leave junk food and join the gym.

Excess amount of salt in diet

I bet you’ve heard ‘A little salt never harmed anyone’ a lot of times but do you know when the amount of salt is not little anymore? Well, that’s when you start harming yourself as excess amount of sodium chloride in the blood causes your heart to pump more blood than it should making your BP rise. It is said that excess amount of salt in food is the easiest way to kill a BP patient. So you better keep that salt away from your dish if you have this problem.

Too much stress

Do you remember what got your heart racing when you were a kid? That’s right your exam result and that happened because you were nervous but do you know this can actually become a very serious problem if not treated well? That’s right! Nervousness and stress is something that relates directly to the rise and fall of blood rush in your circulatory system. This is something that you need to take care of. It isn’t a very hard deal as you can start by taking things very lightly and relaxing on bad situations.

So those are the biggest causes for rise in BP. There are many other causes for this disease but these 4 causes seem to top the list. Take care of your health and make your soaring blood pressure to normal easily by knowing about these facts.


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10 Deadly Effects of Hypertension – Are You Aware of Them?

Posted on March 17, 2016 in Health

unduhan (61)Hypertension, perhaps better known as ‘high blood pressure’ is one of the most common and dangerous health conditions in the entire world. The Main reason why hypertension is considered so dangerous and life threatening, is the fact that it can lead to a number of other very serious, potentially fatal health conditions. There are a number of causes of hypertension, though the main deciding factors include:

  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Smoking
  • Drug use
  • Side effects of pills and medications
  • Lack of nutrients

To help get a better understanding about just how serious hypertension can be, here’s a look at 10 of the most common complications associated with high blood pressure.

Atherosclerosis – Perhaps better known as artery disease, atherosclerosis is a very common side effect of hypertension, resulting in damage to the walls and lining of the arteries which in turn causes them to harden. The increase in blood pressure can wear away at the lining of the arteries, making them weaker and more vulnerable. This can eventually lead to the arteries becoming hardened, resulting in blocked blood flow to the other vital organs in the body.

Stroke – Stokes are caused when a certain part of the brain becomes deprived of nutrients and oxygen, which then leads to the death of previously healthy brain cells. Hypertension can lead to strokes as it weakens blood vessels in the brain, eventually resulting in them narrowing, weakening, or even rupturing altogether. Another reasons why strokes can be caused by hypertension is the fact that it can lead to the formation of blood clots in arteries leading to the brain, meaning that the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen or nutrients.

Heart disease – Heart disease, or cardiovascular disease is another very common side effect of hypertension. As the heart is responsible for pumping blood all around the body, high blood pressure can lead to a number of irregularities. Hypertension results in a lack of blood being transported to the heart, which can lead to irregular heartbeats, chest pains, or even a heart attack. Enlargement of the left side of the heart is another common side effect of hypertension, due to the fact that the left ventricle in the heart can become stiff and thickened, affecting the heart’s ability to pump blood and therefore causing it to become enlarged.

Eye disease – The eyes are also commonly affected as a result of hypertension mainly because tiny blood vessels in the eyes can become damaged. This can lead to retinopathy, which is a condition which can cause blurred vision, bleeding in the eye, or even complete loss of vision. Nerves in the eye are also damaged due to hypertension, particularly the optic nerve.

Kidney disease – The kidneys act as filters for our blood, filtering out impurities to keep it as healthy as possible. With hypertension however, as the blood flows much faster through the kidneys, and in much larger volumes, this can force them to work twice as hard and can result in them becoming worn down. Over time, it can even result in full kidney failure, resulting in them shutting down completely.

Diabetes – Although hypertension doesn’t cause diabetes, it can greatly exasperate the side effects associated with diabetes. For example, diabetes already damages the arteries, weakening them and putting them for at risk. When you factor in hypertension as well, the already weakened arteries simply cannot cope, resulting in hardening of the arteries. Diabetics also suffer from poor circulation, which is another side effect associated with hypertension.

Pre-eclampsia – Pre-eclampsia is a condition associated with pregnancy, which is caused when the placenta doesn’t function correctly. It results in blood flowing through the placenta to be greatly reduced, which can mean that both mother, and baby won’t be receiving enough nutrients and oxygen. One of the main precursors associated with this condition, is hypertension. Mothers suffering with, or who previously suffered with hypertension before, or during pregnancy are much more likely to suffer from pre-eclampsia.

Metabolic syndrome – Metabolic syndrome isn’t actually one single syndrome at all, but rather a variety of different physiological irregularities at once. Basically it is a combination of hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. This means that sufferers of the condition will be at a much greater risk of suffering a heart attack, a stroke, or a number of other conditions which affect the blood vessels. Hypertension, as you know, already damages the blood vessels, and can act as a precursor for metabolic syndrome in the near future.

Erectile dysfunction – When men become aroused, blood rushes to erectile tissue in the genitals, causing them to have an erection. Hypertension however, can result in erectile dysfunction, making it extremely difficult for men to achieve, and maintain, an erection. This is because overtime, the arteries leading to the genitals can become damaged, which greatly reduces blood flow. As blood flow is reduced, less will be able to rush into the erectile tissue, meaning an erection will be far less likely.

Damaged bones – Hypertension often leads to an increase of calcium being excreted from the body via urine. Our bones require substantial amounts of calcium in order to maintain their health and density, so the more calcium we excrete, the less we will have in our bones. This can lead to weakened bones and can eventually result in osteoporosis.